The Spanish Conquest of Mexico

Spain 20 Min Read

To the victor go not only the spoils, as the old saw would have it, but also the opportunity to tell the story of a victory without fear of contradiction. The Spaniards and generations of historians, including even the renowned William Prescott, have presented the Conquest of Mexico by a handful of brave and resourceful soldiers as the inevitable consequence


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War of the Austrian Succession, 1740–1748

George II at the Battle of Dettingen. George II, who was born in 1683, was king of Britain from 1727 to 1760 as a member of the Hanoverian line. He was brought up to a military life and military affairs were his major interest. He regulated his day with the

Spain Warship 2 Min Read

Cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa

Cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa. The Biggest naval battle of Spanish-American war, called Battle of Santiago de Cuba. The whole war went very unfortunate for Spain and this was the end of the hundreds years old Spanish empire, it was year 1898. Technical characteristics Infanta Maria Teresa was built at Bilbao,

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Spanish Republican T-26s

The Spanish Civil War was the first conflict in which the T-26 participated. At the request of the Spanish Republican government, the Soviet government sold weapons and military equipment to Spain and provided military advisers (including tankers) within the framework of Operation X. The first shipment of tanks to Spanish

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The Resurrection of the Spanish Navy

120-gun Santisima Trinidad One of the most remarkable maritime achievements of the eighteenth century was the resurrection of the Spanish navy. In 1700 the Spanish navy had all but ceased to exist. After 1713 the Spanish crown put a great deal of effort into rebuilding its fleet and during the

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Spain and WWII

Goodbye Gibraltar, meet Gustav! Wehrmacht had planed the take of Gibraltar in 1941 Operation Felix The „Sturmdivision“ consist out: Divisionsstab: Staff of the 1. Mountain Division; GebJgRegt 98 with 3 battalions each with 5 companies; Grenadier-Regiment „Großdeutschland“ with each 5 Bataillonen, including 2 heavy battalions. Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment 79 mit 2 cannon-,

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Social and political fissures in Spanish society came to a head in 1934, as the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany and the allure of new European fascist ideologies for the Spanish right led the left to revolt. The resulting Popular Front government proved unstable and unable to

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