Kara-class cruisers

Soviet Warship 4 Min Read

USSR Project 1134B Nikolayev 1972 Berkut B Kara class Cruiser USSR Project 1134BF Berkut B Azov Kara-class Cruiser Being the Cold War opponent of the United States, the Soviets continued to construct cruisers that could function as antiaircraft, ASW, and as surface combatants to destroy NATO aircraft carriers. Between 1970 and 1978, 10 Kresta II-class cruisers, essentially a variant of


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Soviet Weapons 6 Min Read

‘Istrebitel Sputnikov’ (IS)

An artist’s conception of a Soviet anti-satellite weapon destroying a satellite in 1984. The Russian satellite destroyer known as ‘Istrebitel Sputnikov‘ (IS). Carrying an explosive charge, it would be guided on an intercept course towards enemy satellites. America’s ability to gather intelligence on Soviet developments was severely limited during the

Battle Germany Soviet 10 Min Read

Final Assault on the Reichstag

A total of 89 heavy artillery guns and Katyusha rocket launchers were trained on the Reichstag for a thunderous barrage before the infantry stormed it, turning the structure into a ruin. When the Reichstag was finally taken on 30 April 1945, Soviet soldiers swarmed through its elegant hallways to scrawl

Germany History Soviet 7 Min Read

Col. David Glantz – Red Army before Warsaw 1944

SS-Obersturmführer Karl Nicolussi-Leck (Panther’s cupola), commander of 8./SS-Panzerregiment 5 of the Wiking Division, and a Sd.Kfz. 251/3 Ausf. D, during the battles east of Warsaw, August 1944. Between August 18-22, IV.SS-Panzer-Korps, comprising the Totenkopf and the Wiking Division, destroyed 98 Soviet tanks destroyed in the battles around Warsaw. Soviet (1st

Aircraft Soviet 9 Min Read

The Mainstay

The Beriev A-50 is perhaps the most important system in the Russian military’s airborne inventory, reflected in the type’s intense workload and the importance attached to its upgrading. In early 2011, the Russian Air Force’s (Voyenno- Vozdushniye Sily – VVS) airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) force entered a new

Battle Germany Soviet 7 Min Read

Kolberg in 1945

Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) in 1945. 80% of the city was destroyed during the war. In November 1944 Kolberg, a large Baltic seaport in the Prussian Province of Pomerania, was designated a stronghold as Festung Kolberg. It was one of the key German positions in the Pomeranian Wall, a vital link between

Axis Soviet 28 Min Read

Germany Army in the East, Late 1942-Mid 1943 Part I

The repulse in December of Hoth’s attempt to break through to Stalingrad enabled the Soviet command to reactivate one of the original elements of ‘Saturn’, the attempt to cut off the retreat of Army Group A from the Caucasus. The General Staff recommended that the Southern (formerly Stalingrad) Front, while

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Lend-Lease to the USSR

American Lend-Lease supplies to the USSR 1941–45. Soviet historiography is mocked in the West, where

The Grain Elevator – Stalingrad

As Gruppe Edelsheim reaches the southern railway station around 1600 hours they pass close to

Soviet NKVD II

In a short period of time, with fierce fighting raging in full swing on all

The incredible MiG-25…

With its extensive borders – territorial, maritime and arctic – the Soviet Union had always