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Wellington, seen here at Quatre Bras alongside his retreating troops and French prisoners, fought an inconclusive meeting battle with the French on the 16th June. His army had to fall back towards Brussels during a torrential summer storm, to maintain contact with the Prussians, on his left flank. The decade 1810 to 1819 had been the coldest since the 1690s.


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Personnel Prussia Wargame 7 Min Read

Potsdam Giants by Name!

The Potsdam Giants was the Prussian infantry regiment No 6, composed of taller-than-average soldiers. The regiment was founded in 1675 and dissolved in 1806 after the Prussian defeat against Napoleon. Throughout the reign of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia (1688–1740) the unit was known as the “Potsdamer

Battle France Prussia Russia 14 Min Read

Battle of Eylau (7–8 February 1807)

“Napoleon on the field of Eylau” by Antoine-Jean Gros The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation Early, 8 February The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation About 1600, 8 February Eylau has the dubious distinction of being one of the bloodiest and most futile battles of the Napoleonic Wars. Some

History Prussia 9 Min Read

Brandenburg and the first Nordic War 1655-60

Frederick William, the “Great Elector”. As Frederick William finally took possession of East Pomerania, his interest in the Baltic intensified. In 1654 Queen Christina of Sweden abdicated in favour of her cousin, Charles X. The new king showed every sign of emulating Gustavus Adolphus in his desire to make the

Armies Germany Prussia 8 Min Read

The Rebirth of the German Cavalry

Late 19th century Prussian Cuirassiers The countryside around Konitz simmered in the warm September sun. The fields were not planted. There were no rivers and few trees. An occasional, gentle rise in the landscape was all that interrupted the drab flatness of the area. Located in the Baltic province of

Austria Battle Prussia Russia 25 Min Read

Kunersdorf 1759 Part I

732118 Frederick, once he had decided to march to the Oder, was swift about it. August 3, 1959 admitting he had failed to intercept Laudon, he pushed on towards Müllrose (within 12 miles of Frankfurt). Here he gave Wedell instructions to move what remained of his army to that village.

Austria Battle Prussia Russia 33 Min Read

Kunersdorf 1759 Part II

Battle of Kunersdorf, Alexander Kotzebue The Battle A little more than an hour after their appearance from the thick woods, the Prussian main body stood ranked for battle and had the batteries set up. Finck had been waiting for the signal to attack since first light, and his gunners were

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7–12 June 1807: The Battle of Heilsberg

The Battle of Hellsberg, 10 June 1807. This is Wilson’s battle map of 1810, clearly

Kunersdorf 1759 Part I

732118 Frederick, once he had decided to march to the Oder, was swift about it.

The Prussian Campaign of 1762 in Saxony I

In the middle of January 1762, Prince Henry experienced a bout of illness, which caused

The Prussian Campaign of 1762 in Saxony II

The Prussians were after more than just a nuisance raid or two. Tearing up property,