Battle of Alexandria, (20-21 March 1801)

Battle British France 10 Min Read

The Battle of Alexandria, 21 March 1801, Philip James de Loutherbourg After Nelson’s victory in the Battle of the Nile and the unsuccessful French siege of Acre, Napoleon had returned to France in 1799, evading the British navy. He had, however, left his army in Egypt. It appeared both a threat to the overland route to India and a vulnerable


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British France History Ottoman Spain 18 Min Read

Elizabeth towards War I

European matchlock musketeers of the Elizabethan period. By the early 1570s the Puritans had grown significantly in numbers and in economic and political clout. They were not only unsatisfied, however, but increasingly discontented. At the same time that they were trying and failing to pressure the government into killing Mary

British France History Spain 19 Min Read

Elizabeth towards War II

What is often depicted as the apotheosis of the Elizabethan Age, the turning point at which the wisdom of everything the queen had done was made manifest and the way was cleared for England’s emergence as the greatest of world powers, came in the third week of July 1588. It

Austria France History Italy 12 Min Read

The War of Austrian Succession: 1740-1748 – In Italy

The death of the Chevalier de Belle-Isle, Battle of Assietta. In October 1740, Emperor Charles VI died. In his youth he had held title as the Archduke Charles, claimant to the Spanish crown and for whom the Habsburgs waged the War for the Spanish Succession. He left a single heir,

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Battle of Novi (15 August 1799)

Battle of Novi by Alexander Kotzebue A major battle between French and Austro-Russian armies near the town of Novi in the Italian Piedmont. As the Allies liberated Lombardy and Piedmont, the French Directory made a new effort to turn the tide of the war by appointing a new commander in

Battle France Prussia Russia 14 Min Read

Battle of Eylau (7–8 February 1807)

“Napoleon on the field of Eylau” by Antoine-Jean Gros The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation Early, 8 February The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation About 1600, 8 February Eylau has the dubious distinction of being one of the bloodiest and most futile battles of the Napoleonic Wars. Some

Doctrine France 9 Min Read

French lessons of the Great War

A group of 13.2 mm-armed AMR 35s, belonging to 4e RDP, 1re DLM; the vehicle in front, N° 87347, is the second produced and shows the large rosettes typical of this unit from 1938. The French believed that they had mastered the lessons of the Great War. They, of course,

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British coastal assault on St Cast in Brittany in September 1758. A German map, published

Allied Occupation of France: 1815‒18 and the Royalist French Army is Rebuilt

French assault on Fort Trocadero 1823. In 1823 100,000 French troops, nominally commanded by M

Elizabeth towards War I

European matchlock musketeers of the Elizabethan period. By the early 1570s the Puritans had grown

Uniforms of Italian Wars (1494-1559)

A series of sharp but also intermittent conflicts broke out over control of Italy at