Baedeker Guide Bombers III

Air Warfare British Germany 14 Min Read

Baedeker’s Great Britain guide for 1937. On 6 September another two Me 210s were spotted in the Middlesbrough area, and they were chased by Typhoons of 1 Squadron. Both of the raiders were shot down. Undeterred, these sorties continued, and six more were flown on 7 September. More of the sorties would be flown throughout the remainder of the month.


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Aircraft Germany 19 Min Read

Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 Dora

Arguably, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 evolved into wartime Germany’s most effective fighter, offering the Luftwaffe the benefit of manoeuvrability combined with stability as a formidable gun platform and the flexibility to perform as an air superiority fighter, a heavily armed and armoured interceptor and as an ordnance-carrying ground attack aircraft.

Germany SpecForce 12 Min Read

HERBSTNEBEL – Special Forces

Above is one of the rare pictures of this operation. Von Der Heydte is on the right, his arm injury clearly visible. In the center is Von Kayser and to the left is one of the jäger involved in the operation. The stress of the operation clearly shows on Von

Germany Naval Warship 15 Min Read

German Schnellboot (S-boat)

Schnellboot S-80 torpedo boat Camo Operations with the Kriegsmarine S-boats were often used to patrol the Baltic Sea and the English Channel in order to intercept shipping heading for the English ports in the south and east. As such, they were up against Royal Navy and Commonwealth (particularly Royal Canadian

Air Warfare British Germany 6 Min Read

Operation Airthief – the plan to hijack an Fw 190A

Armin Faber’s Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 of III/JG 2 at RAF Pembrey, June 1942. In June 1942, Oberstleutnant Armin Faber was Gruppen-Adjutant to the commander of the III fighter Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 2 (JG 2) based in Morlaix in Brittany. On 23 June, he was given special permission to fly a

Air Warfare Germany 7 Min Read

Fw 190 – Entry into service In March 1941

Oberleutnant Otto Behrens assumed command of Erprobungsstaffel 190 based at Rechlin- Roggenthin. The unit received six pre-production Fw 190A-Os and its brief was to test the new tighter under service conditions. The pilots and ground crews assigned to the Erprobungstaffel were drawn from II. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 26, and the

Battle Germany Soviet 10 Min Read

Final Assault on the Reichstag

A total of 89 heavy artillery guns and Katyusha rocket launchers were trained on the Reichstag for a thunderous barrage before the infantry stormed it, turning the structure into a ruin. When the Reichstag was finally taken on 30 April 1945, Soviet soldiers swarmed through its elegant hallways to scrawl

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A series of sharp but also intermittent conflicts broke out over control of Italy at

Wars of Charlemagne

The composition and equipment of Charlemagne’s army was continuously evolving. Initially, the Carolingian Army was

German Schnellboot (S-boat)

Schnellboot S-80 torpedo boat Camo Operations with the Kriegsmarine S-boats were often used to patrol

Flak towers: then and now

The construction of Flaktürme (Flak towers) in major cities began in response to the first