The Ukrainian Model 2017 T-64 tank

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With the war in eastern Ukraine dragging into its sixth year, the government in Kiev is buying upgraded models of a Cold War tank in an effort to outmatch Russia-backed rebels. The Ukrainian army has acquired around 150 “T-64 2017s” since 2018, Radio Free Europe reported. The T-64 is unique among Soviet-style tanks. A departure and major advancement compared to


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Panther Panzer!

Zentralbild, II. Weltkrieg 19139-45Der von der faschistischen deutschen Wehrmacht während des Krieges entwickelte neue Panzerkampfwagen Typ “Panther”.UBz: die Verladung neuer “Panther”-Panzerkampfwagen zum Transport an die Front (1943). Panther Ausf. G Of the initial batch of 200 Panthers deployed at Kursk, only around 35 were destroyed by enemy action, the rest

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First Significant Transport Of Troops By Rail I

The first significant transport of troops by rail was the despatch of 14,500 Prussian soldiers, together with their horses and wagons, to smash the Krakow rebellion of Polish nationalists in 1846, taking just two days to cover the 200-mile journey from their garrison at Hradish in Bohemia. Then, in 1848,

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Upgraded T-72M1 MBT

Slovakian T-72M1 Moderna turret The Polish ministry of defence will spend PLN138.6m ($42m) for the upgrade of T-72M1 and PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) Syrian T-72M1 main battle tank upgraded with slat armour for urban warfare An upgraded T-72 by ATE South Africa features two conspicuous sights Indian T-72

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Chieftain Mark 11 MBT

Chieftain Mk.11: Mark 10 upgrade, searchlight replaced with the Thermal Observation and Gunnery System (TOGS), manufactured by Barr and Stroud. Like its European competitors, Chieftain found a large export market in the Middle East, but unlike Centurion, it was not adopted by any other NATO or Commonwealth countries. Chieftain proved

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Early Tanks and Armored Vehicles

The Soviet Union produced a large number of tank designs in the period between the two world wars. Early Russian experiments with AFVs in World War I had been limited to armored cars, such as the Austin Putilov. Based on a British chassis, it had entered service early in World

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The First Armoured Trains

An armoured CGR 3rd Class 4-4-0 1889 locomotive derailed on 12 October 1899 during the first engagement of the Second Boer War at Kraaipan. Armoured trains were another innovation that made their first significant appearance in the American Civil War. The idea of armoured trains was almost as old as

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General Motors XM-1

General Motors XM1 prototype Congress canceled the MBT-70 in November and XM803 December 1971, and

The Survivability of Tanks and Crews

This latest Soviet heavy tank was adopted and then deployed during the Winter War with


Current production BMP-3 BMP-3E IFV BMP-3 ERA BMP-3 (UAE)+ERA The BMP-3 is a Russian tracked

“Sturmtiger” at Warsaw Uprising

A little known episode from the fighting during the Warsaw Uprising in August and September