Post-WWII Soviet Experimental Heavy AFVs

AFV Soviet 11 Min Read

A T-10M showing its losef Stalin parentage. The tank had a crew of four and the gun mantlet an armour thickness of 250mm (9.8in). The big rifled D-49T gun had 30 rounds, of which 20 were HE and the remainder one of three types of antitank round. The size of the rounds meant that the crew could only achieve a


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AFV 4 Min Read

The TK-X or Type 10 main battle tank

The TK-X main battle tank, also referred as the Type 10, is the latest Japanese development. This new lightweight MBT weights significantly less than other modern battle tanks. It is lighter than the current Japanese Type 90 main battle tank. Vehicle was designed to be lighter in order to comply

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General Motors XM-1

General Motors XM1 prototype Congress canceled the MBT-70 in November and XM803 December 1971, and

The Survivability of Tanks and Crews

This latest Soviet heavy tank was adopted and then deployed during the Winter War with


Current production BMP-3 BMP-3E IFV BMP-3 ERA BMP-3 (UAE)+ERA The BMP-3 is a Russian tracked

“Sturmtiger” at Warsaw Uprising

A little known episode from the fighting during the Warsaw Uprising in August and September