PT-76 light tank

AFV Soviet 7 Min Read

North Vietnamese PT-76A, battle of Ben Het 1969. The PT-76 is a Soviet amphibious light tank which was introduced in the early 1950s and soon became the standard reconnaissance tank of the Soviet Army and the other Warsaw Pact armed forces. The tank’s full name is Floating Tank–76. 76 stands for the caliber of the main armament: the 76.2 mm


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AFV British 7 Min Read

Humber Armoured Cars

A Humber Armoured Car Mk II, one of the few armoured vehicles to use the 15-mm (0.59-in) Besa heavy machine-gun as its main armament. Originally known as a wheeled tank, these vehicles gave sterling service in many theatres through the war. The Humber armoured cars were numerically the most important

AFV Artillery Weapons 11 Min Read

American Civil War Rail-Weapons

From the very beginning of the war, the employment of railway batteries in the form of guns placed at the head of trains came into use at several different locations on the front line, either on the initiative of the high command or of especially inventive local commanders. For example,

AFV British 26 Min Read

Hobo’s Funnies I

When, on 19 August 1942, the Allies mounted a major raid on Dieppe, they did so with the political object of demonstrating to Stalin that the opening of a ‘Second Front’ in the West was, for the moment, not a practical proposition. However, while the operation was ostensibly a failure,

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Hobo’s Funnies II

If, superficially, this suggests an absurdly cheap victory, it must be compared with what happened on the American sectors where, it will be recalled, the troops did not have the benefit of armoured breaching teams. On Utah Beach their task had been eased somewhat by the dropping of the US

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Hobo’s Funnies III

At Westkapelle, however, the story was very different. The assault was to be delivered at the breach in the dyke just south of the town, but the sea approaches to this were covered by three major coast defence batteries. To the north of the gap were Battery W.17 at Domberg,

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Chevrolet’s fortune with the T17E1 was much brighter. The first pilot vehicle also was delivered to Aberdeen Proving Ground in March 1942. After inspection, it was sent along with the second pilot to the General Motors Proving Ground for tests. Although many mechanical failures occurred, they appeared to be easily

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General Motors XM-1

General Motors XM1 prototype Congress canceled the MBT-70 in November and XM803 December 1971, and

The Survivability of Tanks and Crews

This latest Soviet heavy tank was adopted and then deployed during the Winter War with


Current production BMP-3 BMP-3E IFV BMP-3 ERA BMP-3 (UAE)+ERA The BMP-3 is a Russian tracked

76-mm Sherman

Standard M4A2(76mm) Sherman M4A3(76mm) Sherman The US Army made a conscious decision in 1943: to