The Pursuit of the Afrika Korps

Axis British Operations 40 Min Read

The battle of El Alamein had been comprehensively won. The pursuit was bungled, at least in the vital few days after the break-out. This was not the fault of the staff. For some time Freddie , Montgomery’s chief of staff, had been thinking about how to cut off the retreating Germans – the Italian infantry divisions were immobile and abandoned,


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Navies Operations 10 Min Read

After Okinawa 1945

Haruna at her moorings near Kure, Japan, under attack by U.S. Navy carrier aircraft, 28 July 1945 Wreck of Tone at Kure The Heavy Cruiser Tone, sister of Chikuma survived many battles and was sunk at anchor in Kure harbor by US carrier aircraft on July 24th 1945. Her hulk

Operations 16 Min Read

Operation Lüttich – Considered

While Patton’s Third Army was racing through Brittany and towards the south the U.S. First Army under Hodges continued its offensive in an easterly and south-easterly direction in order to widen the corridor of Avranches. General Hodges’s VII Corps took Mortain with its commanding high ground. A pivot had been

British German Units Operations 20 Min Read

Operation Tonga Part II

Map of the assault on the Merville Gun Battery 6 June 1944 The lengths the Germans were going to in order to protect the battery, combined with the information provided by the Resistance, was enough to convince Morgan that the guns at the battery must be of 150mm calibre. When

German Units Operations Soviet 7 Min Read

Battle of Wołomin

Tiger I of SS-Division “Totenkopf”, stands ready in a forest assembly area to move up to the front to neutralize a Soviet armoured incursion near Warsaw. After the Soviet reconnaissance units reached Warsaw in late July, on 1 August 1944 the Warsaw Uprising started. Starting from an area south of

Germany Operations Soviet 27 Min Read

Operation Kutuzov

The direct aspect of that development began on July 11. It involved a still-overlooked operation that is arguably better evidence of the Red Army’s progress than the so frequently cited battle to the south. When all is said and done, Kursk, seen from a Russian perspective, was a traditional Russian

Germany Operations Organisation Soviet 21 Min Read

The Legacy of Unternehmen Barbarossa I

As far as high-speed mechanized troops are concerned and their location on the forward zone, one has, in general, to see the threat of their sudden concentration in the mere fact of their existence. These motorized troops, having carried out a march of up to 100 kilometers on the day

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British coastal assault on St Cast in Brittany in September 1758. A German map, published

Operation Lüttich – Considered

While Patton’s Third Army was racing through Brittany and towards the south the U.S. First


Army Group South Ukraine, 19 August-26 September 1944 The summer offensive against Army Groups Center

Tunisia and the End in Africa, November 1942-May 1943 Part IV

The raid by Bill McRae and 104 Squadron RAF on Palermo was just one of