28 February–1 June 1807: The Siege of Danzig II

France Germany Prussia Siege 16 Min Read

Panoramic view of the Siege of Gdańsk by French forces in 1807. In practice, Chasseloup – aided by his assistant, François Joseph Kirgener – is faced with a difficult task. Danzig is well-stocked, and as long as ships can reach it from the Baltic, the garrison will never starve or run short of ammunition. The city’s fortifications are sound, and


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Axis Germany Operations 33 Min Read

Operation Bagration – Nazi Germany’s Greatest Defeat!

Operation Bagration began on June 22, 1944—three years to the day after the German invasion. The Red Army struck in the initial phase alone with 1.25 million men, more than 4,000 tanks and assault guns, more than 23,000 guns, mortars, and Katyushas, and almost 6,500 aircraft. Army Group Center simply

Germany 1 Min Read

Growing up in Nazi Germany…

Melita Maschmann was a member of the BDM (League of German Girls). Her autobiography, Fazit: Kein Rechtfertigungsversuch (1963), is a controversial account of her Nazi past. This article shows how, through frameworks of racialised and gendered victimhood, concepts of nationhood are embroiled not only within persistent, competing Nazi ideologies but

Germany 4 Min Read

Film: Cadets (1939)

“Cadets” is a German film made during World War Two, so of course it advances the propaganda of the Reich. But this is actually a well-made and entertaining movie, in spite of its political agenda. The Nazis devoted a substantial amount of resources (often including slave labour) to well-made, elaborate

Germany 7 Min Read

The mystery of Hitler’s ‘spyclists’

By Sanchia BergToday programme Summer 1937. What could be more fitting in the cool afternoon of an English country lane than a group of cycling tourists steadily pedalling their way from one historic site to another, stopping to camp overnight in fields along the way. The only problem was, that

Germany Waffen-SS 15 Min Read

Hitler’s Boy Soldiers in Normandy Part I

In the summer of 1944, the mostly teenage soldiers of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend Panzer Division threw itself against the mighty Allied onslaught to retake Europe. By Jon Latimer The pivotal and terrifying battle for Normandy’s beaches lay only hours ahead. Experienced soldiers, what few the 25th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment

Germany Waffen-SS 16 Min Read

Hitler’s Boy Soldiers in Normandy Part II

The Germans were now forced to commit their last reserves to stem the tide, but on June 27, the British advance resumed. The Commonwealth soldiers managed to capture Hill 112 the next day. The Germans clung on for a while but then withdrew, and by the 29th the British had

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German Schnellboot (S-boat)

Schnellboot S-80 torpedo boat Camo Operations with the Kriegsmarine S-boats were often used to patrol

Flak towers: then and now

The construction of Flaktürme (Flak towers) in major cities began in response to the first

Wars of Charlemagne

The composition and equipment of Charlemagne’s army was continuously evolving. Initially, the Carolingian Army was

Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 Dora

Arguably, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 evolved into wartime Germany’s most effective fighter, offering the Luftwaffe