AFV Artillery 13 Min Read

M109A6 Paladin It has been a truism since at least the days of the Prussian king Frederick the Great that artillery is the `King of Battle’. Countless commanders from Napoleon to McArthur have credited the field artillery with both their victories and their survival. The importance of artillery is unquestioned still on the modern battlefield and no weapons system exemplifies


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Artillery 5 Min Read

US 155-mm Howitzer

A U. S. Army 155-mm Howitzer M1 battery prepares for a firing mission in this post-World War II picture. Prior to a firing mission the crew of an M1 lowered a firing jack (pedestal) located under the center axle of the weapon. Once this device was in place, the two

Artillery France 11 Min Read

French 75 – Mademoiselle Soixante-Quinze

The French industrialist Eugene Schneider began cannon production in 1870 and by the turn of the century commanded an arms empire to rival the German industrial giant Krupp. The Schneider concern employed some 14,000 employees and incorporated company- owned railways and mines as well as a huge factory complex. By

AFV Artillery Weapons 11 Min Read

American Civil War Rail-Weapons

From the very beginning of the war, the employment of railway batteries in the form of guns placed at the head of trains came into use at several different locations on the front line, either on the initiative of the high command or of especially inventive local commanders. For example,

Ancient Warfare Artillery Fortification Weapons 11 Min Read

Ancient Technology Transfer

Military technology is likely to be transferred to the enemy whenever it is used against them. Through battle the enemy at least learn of the existence and capabilities of the weapons and techniques used against them, and may attempt even on that basis to reproduce them. Thus Cato was said

Air Warfare Artillery British German Units 19 Min Read

Operation Tonga Part I

Supermarine Spitfire PR.XI ERWIN ROMMEL (1891-1944). German Field Marshal. Rommel, commander of the German Afrika Korps, inspecting the German position at the Atlantic Wall near Fecamp, Normandy, France. Photographed 17 January 1944. The Mark XI PR Spitfire relied on speed and agility for protection. Travelling at 400 miles per hour,

Artillery 5 Min Read

Skoda 149-mm vz 37 howitzer (K4)

Škoda 149 mm K4 howitzer, also known as 15 cm hruba houfnice vzor 37 in Czechoslovakia and as the 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 37(t) in German service. Greece, Czechoslovak-made 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 37(t) / sFH 37(t) (also known as Škoda 149 mm K-series) Limber for 15 cm heavy field

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French Artillery – Napoleonic Wars III

The artillery of the Imperial Guard, which grew into the Grande Armée’s artillery reserve, had

Artillery of the Middle Ages

The earliest written evidence for the cannon is found in the ordinances of Florence for


On the eve of the Russo–Japanese War, Russian land forces were the biggest in the

10.5-cm Flak 38 and Flak 39 and 12.8-cm Flak 40

Field Marshal Erhard Milch, the head of the Luftwaffe’s Air Armaments Program and the second