The original unit was formed in 1941 with anti British agitators from Iraq, Syria and other Arab counties smuggled in through turkey as well as Arab students in Germany were recruited, the place of deployment was Cape Sounion in southern Greece.

The only combat they saw was in the Caucasus apparently deployed there in August 1942 in the hope that they could be used in a breakthrough into the middle east, I don’t know much about their combat performance but apparently they did take causalities, also they were withdrawn by January 1943 to North Africa

On January of 1943, was formed in Tunisia the denominated unit “Kommando Deutsch-Arabische Truppen or KODAT”. By the middle of February of 1943 the KODAT had two battalions of Arab volunteers of Tunisia, an Algerian battalion and a Moroccan battalion that count a total of 3000 men; with German cadre. The KODAT was part of the Sonderverband 287 denominated “Deutsch-Arabische Lehr Abteilung” or also called “Deutsch-Arabische Truppen.”

In some photos the soldiers are wearing a white armband apparently it says Im Dienst der Deutschen Wehrmacht” (To the Service of the German Army), used by the KODAT recruits.

Free Arab Legion in North Africa 1942-1943

Sonderverband 288 was formed from Germans and foreign language specialists from the Brandenburg Division. The unit served in North Africa and worked closely with Arab volunteers, they had ties to the “Deutsche-Arabische Lehr Abteilung”, which was raised on 7th April 1942.

A group of French Arabs were formed into the “Phalange Africaine” from the french colonies of Algeria and Tunisia. Just before the fall of Tunis, a battalion of Sonderverband 287 arrived in North Africa.

Free Arab Legion- 1943-1945

Sonderverband 287 was raised from Arabs living in Europe, and was based in Athens, Greece. They fought in the Caucasus in Russia and later in Yugoslavia in anti-partisan operations.

Other Arab formations were formed from Muslims living in southern France.

By 1943 all Arab volunteers should have been issued with the “Freies Arabien” armshield

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