Small Arms

The Assault Rifle

Small Arms 20 Min Read

Six comparative views (left to right) of the 7.92×33mm MKb.42(W), MKb.42(H), and the MP.44. Polte Company drawing of the 7.92mmx33mm kurz Sturmgewehr cartridge (all dimensions in millimeters). The Sturmgewehr and its intermediate cartridge, the 7.92x33mm Kurz (Short), gave the individual soldier vastly increased firepower by two attributes that neither the rifle nor the submachine gun could combine: controllable burst fire


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Germany Small Arms Volkssturm 10 Min Read

Volkssturm Small Arms

Primitiv-Waffen-Programm As a last-ditch measure in the nearly lost war, on 18 October 1944 the Deutscher Volkssturm was mobilized – a German national militia. To arm them under conditions of depleted manpower and limited available production capacities the Primitiv-Waffen-Programm (“primitive weapons program”) was initiated. It called for weapons that were

Austria Doctrine Prussia Small Arms 17 Min Read

Königgrätz: Battle of Eagles

The Prussian military system had been thoroughly reformed after Napoleon had crushed it at Jena in 1806. The crucial development was the growth of a Great General Staff, embodied in law in 1814. Bright officers were selected to what was effectively a military brotherhood, charged with continuous study of the

Small Arms 6 Min Read

Antimaterial Rifle

South African DENEL 20X110HS NTW-20 Rifle procured for evaluation in the United States The antimaterial (antimateriél or equipment) rifle is the successor to the antitank rifle of World War I and early World War II. Essentially a large-caliber, high-velocity rifle firing special armor-piercing ammunition, it is designed to operate against

British Small Arms 14 Min Read

The Great British Machine Gun Controversy

The Vickers was used for indirect fire against enemy positions at ranges up to 4,500 yards (4,115 m) with Mark VIIIz ammunition. This plunging fire was used to great effect against road junctions, trench systems, forming up points, and other locations that might be observed by a forward observer, or

Germany Small Arms 7 Min Read

The MP18 mystery

One weapon of close combat that has been associated with German assault troops is the MP18 submachine-gun. The German Army had been swift to perceive the potential for highly portable, short-range, automatic weapons and had begun experimenting with various concepts from 1915 onwards. In 1916 they had tested a fully

Small Arms 26 Min Read


Bolt-action rifles were standard during the whole period of World War I, and some served until after World War II, particularly the Lee-Enfield; the Springfield 1903, which was first issued as an infantry rifle and then later as a sniper rifle; the Mauser, although shortened from the Gew 98 to

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Antimaterial Rifle

South African DENEL 20X110HS NTW-20 Rifle procured for evaluation in the United States The antimaterial

Birmingham Small Arms – BSA

The Birmingham Small Arms company of Birmingham, England, was founded in 1861 to manufacture rifle

Knives, Swords, and Daggers – To c. 1500 c.e.

Almost every human culture and civilization in the world has used knives and daggers. A

Barnitzke Machine Gun (Flywheel delayed blowback)

7.92x57mm cartridge 1945 The German Gustloff Barnitzke light machine gun. Derived from the MG 42