Legion Roland

SS Ukraine 1 Min Read

Just like Legion Nachtigal, Roland was set up by OUN prior the German Invasion to Soviet Union. The training began in May 1941 and vas done in complete secrecy in the castle Saubersdorff in Austria. Supplied with the German instructors the Legion was trained very harshly, spending a lot of the time in the Alps. From Ukrainian side the commander


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The German prisoner of war camps, containing millions of Soviet prisoners, were a potential source of manpower. Faced with bad treatment and starvation and a distinct possibility of dying, an increasing number of Russian prisoners volunteered to work for the Germans in exchange for better food and conditions. The volunteers

German Units SS Volkssturm Waffen-SS 21 Min Read

The State of the German Forces Late 1944

The German Army suffered from a catastrophic shortage of replacements ever since it had gone to war in Russia, but particularly from 1944 onwards.  That the army had come to this state was in part a response to the failed attempt on Hitler’s life in July 1944, but also due

Baltic Poland SS Ukraine 11 Min Read

Soviet People’s Experience WWII

Defeating the Nazis became the animating force for everything in Soviet society for the next four years. The need to defend Mother Russia became everyone’s duty in the face of Hitler’s barbarism, and the building of socialism, so long trumpeted on the pages of the Soviet press, faded away. The

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When the Soviets advanced into eastern Germany, the Nazis tried to quickly evacuate the jet factory. But by then, it was too late for the jet to have much effect on the outcome of the war. By Uli Suckert At the very end of World War II, Nazi dictator Adolf

German Units Germany SpecForce SS 5 Min Read

Operation ‘Landfried’

Walter Girg (left). On 24 August 1944, a Russian offensive in north-west Romania tore through the Romanian Third and Fourth Armies, allowing the Russians, in turn, to inflict heavy losses on the German Eighth Army and nearly destroy the German Sixth Army for the second time in its existence, the

SS Waffen-SS 9 Min Read

The First Eastern SS Legions Part I

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The State of the German Forces Late 1944

The German Army suffered from a catastrophic shortage of replacements ever since it had gone

1942- One Last Opportunity: The German Experience with Indigenous Security Forces

Bronislav Kaminski, leader of the RONA. by Major Bob E. Willis Jr. U.S. Army  

Secret archive reveals how Russia showed huge support for ‘Christian crusader’ Nazi invaders who had come to fight ‘godless communists’

A group of Russians captured by the Nazis during Operation Barbarossa: Documents from secret archives

Brotherhood of Veterans of the 1st-Division of the Ukrainian National Army

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