German Counterattack at Gela 1943

Battle 14 Min Read

East of Gela, as General Conrath sent the major part of both his tank battalions toward the beaches, the Gela plain became a raging inferno of exploding shells, smoke, and fire. The lead tanks reached the highway west of Santa Spina, two thousand yards from the water. As they raked supply dumps and landing craft with fire, the division headquarters


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Battle China 6 Min Read

Battle of Talas River – Redux

In 751 a Tang (T’ang) dynasty army commanded by Gao Xianzhi (Kao Hsien-chih), military governor of Anxi (An-hsi) in the Western Regions, met an Arab army in battle at Talas River near Samarkand. The Chinese were defeated. Although this was not a major military confrontation, it had great consequences. Tang

Battle Germany Soviet 10 Min Read

Final Assault on the Reichstag

A total of 89 heavy artillery guns and Katyusha rocket launchers were trained on the Reichstag for a thunderous barrage before the infantry stormed it, turning the structure into a ruin. When the Reichstag was finally taken on 30 April 1945, Soviet soldiers swarmed through its elegant hallways to scrawl

Battle 8 Min Read

Battle of Nördlingen

This contemporary painting by Pieter Meulener conveys a good impression of the often confused fighting of most 17thcentury battles. The Victory of Nördlingen by Cornelius Schut, 1635.This typical early Baroque painting shows the youthful Ferdinand triumphing with divine assistance. Date September 6, 1634 Location Nördlingen in Bavaria, southern Germany Opponents

Battle British Naval History 28 Min Read

Raid on Medway I

Upnor Castle, which lies opposite the dockyard at Chatham, played an important part in the defence of the yard at the time of the Dutch raid. Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest, painted c. 1667. The captured ship the Royal Charles is right of centre.

Battle British Naval History 29 Min Read

Raid on Medway II

De Zeven Provinciën was a Dutch ship of the line, originally armed with 80 guns. The name of the ship was also written as De 7 Provinciën. The literal translation is “The Seven Provinces”, the name referring to the fact that the Dutch Republic in the 17th century was a

Ancient Warfare Battle 11 Min Read


Arsites, satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia, had hastily summoned various generals to the town of Zelea (Sarikoy), about 20 miles from the Macedonian camp. Everyone present had an opinion about how to defeat the Macedonians, but the most prudent advice came from Memnon of Rhodes, the leader of a contingent of

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Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part I

The Gordon Highlanders storming Dargai Heights during the Tirah campaign in 1897. It was here

Battle of Cologne 1945

In early March 1945 the American troops entered an almost deserted area that had been

The Grain Elevator – Stalingrad

As Gruppe Edelsheim reaches the southern railway station around 1600 hours they pass close to

Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part II

Storming the Dargai Heights. Darkness put an end to the fighting. In addition to the