Operation ELSENBORN Part II

Battle Intell 15 Min Read

Over the next few days, the deception troops would work closely with the genuine 4th Division in a series of moves to make any enemy agent think the 4th was being pulled back to Camp Elsenborn. The 4th Division made sure that during the upcoming move every bumper marking, helmet insignia, and shoulder patch was hidden. To assist in the


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Battle Personnel 20 Min Read

“Lee’s Warhorse”

General James Longstreet’s disagreement with Robert E. Lee over tactics at Gettysburg did not affect their close friendship. “The relations existing between us were affectionate, confidential and even tender, from first to last,” Longstreet later wrote. “There was never a harsh word between us.” During the night of July 1

Battle History 9 Min Read

Guelphs and Ghibellines

Battle of Benevento – Charles I defeats Frederick II’s son, Manfred, in 1266, to secure Sicily and put an end to Italian Hohenstaufen rule. The importance of this victory to the Angevins finds testimony in this painting, made almost 200 years later. Italy witnessed mounting opposition between emperors and popes

Battle 3 Min Read

Festungs Schneidemühl redux

Festung Schneidemühl was formally constituted on 12 Oct 1944 with the appointment of a Festungs-Kommandant, but not much was done to prepare the defenses of the small city until the Soviet winter offensive began on 12 January. By 8 Feb 1945 the fortress garrison consisted of four static regiments made

Battle 3 Min Read

Photos: Festung Breslau – 1945

Hitler Youth defend Festung Breslau LINK The city was besieged as part of the Lower Silesian Offensive Operation (8–24 February 1945) on 13 February by the 6th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front commanded by Marshal Ivan Koniev, and the encirclement of Breslau was completed the following day. The 1st

Battle 12 Min Read

Zhukov restores order

Zhukov seized the opportunity to restore order, declaring martial law on 19 October 1941 and putting nine reserve armies into place behind the river Volga. Although they consisted mostly of raw recruits and previous military rejects, they numbered 900,000 men in all and would, Stalin and Zhukov hoped, provide a

Battle Strategy 15 Min Read

Stalin Stays at Moscow

As the Barbarossa invasion proceeded, the wear and tear of flying almost continual missions began to tell on the German aircraft. By the end of July 1941 there were only just over 1,000 planes in operation. Command of the air counted for little if there were too few bombers to

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Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part I

The Gordon Highlanders storming Dargai Heights during the Tirah campaign in 1897. It was here

Battle of Cologne 1945

In early March 1945 the American troops entered an almost deserted area that had been

The Grain Elevator – Stalingrad

As Gruppe Edelsheim reaches the southern railway station around 1600 hours they pass close to

Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part II

Storming the Dargai Heights. Darkness put an end to the fighting. In addition to the