Anthony Wayne’s Battles

Battle 10 Min Read

A Dreadful scene of havock by Xavier della Gatta, 1782, commissioned for a British officer who participated in the attack Battle of Paoli, (September 21, 1777 After the Battle of Brandywine (September 11, 1777), General George Washington still hoped to keep the British out of Philadelphia. As he withdrew across the Schuylkill River, Washington ordered General Anthony Wayne and 1,500


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ANZAC Battle British Germany 13 Min Read

Flers-Courcelette 15 Sept 1916

On 1 July 1916 the British began a massive offensive against German positions along the Somme. Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig unleashed this offensive prematurely, in large part to respond to a desperate appeal by the French for a diversion to draw off German forces from Verdun. The Battle of

Battle 10 Min Read

The Battle of Jankau

Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645 The first image above is the view of Chapel Hill looking over the battlefield on the day before the battle. As we can see both the Swedish and Imperial armies kindly burnt down a number of the local villages during their respective marches, and

Battle Biography Germany Ottoman Poland Russia 6 Min Read

Augustus II of Poland (1670-1733)

“Friedrich Augustus. Elector of Saxony (1694-1733); king of Poland (1697-1704; 1709-1733).” A member of the Wettin dynasty and an elector of the Holy Roman Empire (Saxony), Augustus was elected king of Poland in 1697, after deeming that Warsaw was worth a Mass, converting to Catholicism, and agreeing to permit extraordinary

Austria Battle France 5 Min Read

Battle of Novi (15 August 1799)

Battle of Novi by Alexander Kotzebue A major battle between French and Austro-Russian armies near the town of Novi in the Italian Piedmont. As the Allies liberated Lombardy and Piedmont, the French Directory made a new effort to turn the tide of the war by appointing a new commander in

Battle France Prussia Russia 14 Min Read

Battle of Eylau (7–8 February 1807)

“Napoleon on the field of Eylau” by Antoine-Jean Gros The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation Early, 8 February The Battle of Eylau, 1807 – Situation About 1600, 8 February Eylau has the dubious distinction of being one of the bloodiest and most futile battles of the Napoleonic Wars. Some

Battle History 11 Min Read

Tulagi Part II

ADVANCE ALONG TULAGI was executed during the morning of 7 August by Col Edson’s 1st Raider Battalion. FINAL ASSAULTS ON TULAGI were delivered by elements of 1st Raider Battalion and 2d Battalion, 5th Marines. The islands of Tulagi, Tanambogo, and Gavutu are located in the southern Solomons. Control of these

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Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part I

The Gordon Highlanders storming Dargai Heights during the Tirah campaign in 1897. It was here

Battle of Cologne 1945

In early March 1945 the American troops entered an almost deserted area that had been

The Grain Elevator – Stalingrad

As Gruppe Edelsheim reaches the southern railway station around 1600 hours they pass close to

Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part II

Storming the Dargai Heights. Darkness put an end to the fighting. In addition to the