10th SS Panzer Division at the Arnhem Battles II

German Units Waffen-SS 22 Min Read

After the first reports of Allied airborne landings in the southern sector of the city, Colonel Henke of the 1st Parachute Training Staff, located at the Nebo Monastery south of the city, sounded the alarm for all ground units quartered in Nijmegen. With men from the homeland defense units, permanent personnel of the training staff, men from the railroad security…


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Baltic Cossack Poland PoW ROA SS Ukraine Waffen-SS 62 Min Read


It is truly ironic that the most numerous units of foreign nationals raised by the Germans during World War II came from among the “sub-human” Slavs of the Soviet Union. Faced with waging war in a country of vast distances and infested with enemy partisans, the Germans had no choice…

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