Alexander’s Four Fleets

Ancient Warfare Navies 20 Min Read

The Fleet of the League of Corinth One of the burdens placed on the members of the League of Corinth after the allied Greek defeat at Chaeronea, and subsequent recognition of Macedonian hegemony, was to supply ships to aid the war effort. This fleet was established in 336 or shortly before, and its main purpose was to act as support


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Battle Japan Navies 17 Min Read

Shō-Go Plan

The Shō-Go Plan (Short for Shō-Itchi-Go, Operation Victory One) marked the last attempt of the combined Imperial Japanese Navy to defend its empire during the war in the Pacific. Japan’s strategy at the dawn of war in the Pacific had called for the occupation of all areas west of a

Navies 11 Min Read

Confederate Navy 1861-65

For all his troubles, Secretary Welles enjoyed major advantages over Secretary Mallory: the North had a functioning naval bureaucracy, a growing number of ships with an officer corps and a pool of mariners adequate to man them, and a large maritime and industrial base upon which to draw. In his

Navies 12 Min Read


An MV-22 Osprey maneuvers on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) during test operations March 20, 2012. George H.W. Bush is in the Atlantic Ocean conducting carrier qualifications. This was the first time an MV-22 made a landing on an aircraft carrier.(U.S. Marine

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Roman Success at Sea in 260–257 BC

In the 3rd century BC, Rome was not a naval power, and had little or

To Leyte Gulf

  Sailing towards Leyte Gulf from left to right CA Chikuma, BB Nagato, BC Haruna,

Cold War – Diesel-Electric Submarines

HMAS Ovens – Royal Australian Navy Diesel-electric submarines, which were also known as ‘conventional’ submarines,


The submarine was a subversive force. Its ability to hide within the element on which