The Royal Navy in 1945

British Navies 17 Min Read

The last battleship of the Royal Navy, HMS Vanguard, with eight 15in guns in four turrets. The Royal Navy in 1945 was a different service from the one that had gone to war in 1939. Manpower had actually peaked in mid-1944 and had already begun to fall but the number of ships was at its peak in 1945. This was


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Ancient Warfare Navies Wars 17 Min Read


Battle of Cynossema, 411 BCE. Athenian fleet in blue, Spartan navy in red. Bloodbath Yet if the Aegean had been relatively quiet since 429, suddenly from 411 to 404 the Athenians met the Spartans and their allies in at least seven major engagements. Across time and space, rarely are rival

Naval History Navies 29 Min Read


As 1813 began, Britain was revitalized by Napoleon’s debacle in Russia. Sensing a historic turn in events, the British stripped their country of troops and reinforced Wellington’s army, with the intention of not only driving the French from Spain but also of crossing the Pyrenees to invade France. The Baltic

Navies Russia 17 Min Read


Hostilities came too soon for the Imperial Russian Navy, which had a target of 1917 to achieve a fully operational state. The nine years that followed the end of the disastrous war with Japan had been a long haul for the Baltic Fleet. Dispatched as reinforcements to the Far East,

British Navies 20 Min Read

The Home Fleet Before the Bismarck Breakout I

ON BOARD THE BATTLESHIP HMS PRINCE OF WALES. APRIL 1941. (A 3891) C in C Home Fleet, Vice Admiral J C Tovey, CB, DSO, and the Captain, Captain J C Leach, MVO, RN, on the quarterdeck of HMS PRINCE OF WALES. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: SCAPA FLOW The

British Japan Naval History Navies 77 Min Read

Anglo – Japanese Naval Cooperation 1914 – 1918

Admiral Sato Kozo (seated, center) Commanded a Flotilla of14 Destroyers Based in Malta by Timothy D. Saxon The captain of the attacking submarine achieved complete surprise with his bold midday maneuver near Crete. Stealing to within two hundred meters of an unwary convoy escort, he fired at point-blank range. His

Navies Roman Warship 24 Min Read


THE ROMAN ARMY AT SEA At Actium Antony’s fleet held out for a long time against Octavian. Only after it had been badly damaged by the high sea which rose against it did it reluctantly, and at the tenth hour, gave up the struggle. There were no more than 5,000

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Roman Success at Sea in 260–257 BC

In the 3rd century BC, Rome was not a naval power, and had little or

To Leyte Gulf

  Sailing towards Leyte Gulf from left to right CA Chikuma, BB Nagato, BC Haruna,

Cold War – Diesel-Electric Submarines

HMAS Ovens – Royal Australian Navy Diesel-electric submarines, which were also known as ‘conventional’ submarines,


The submarine was a subversive force. Its ability to hide within the element on which