Night Light Carrier Air Group

TBM-1D radar version, flown by LT. cdr. JD Melvin, commanding officer of VT-51 abroad San Jacinto in 1944.

USS Independence CVL-22 – TBM-1D Avenger of VT(N)-41 September 6 1944.

Seven Grumman TBM-3D Avenger bombers of night torpedo squadron VT(N)-90 flying in formation in January 1945. The squadron was part of Night Air Group 90 on the carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6). Note radar pods in right-side wings, and the distinctive tail insignia.

TBM-1D: TBM-1 conversions with RT-5/APS-4 centimetric radar in radome on starboard wing leading edge.

Aboard the light aircraft carrier USS Independence (CVL-22), assigned to Task Group 38.2, is Night Light Carrier Air Group Forty One [CVLG(N)-41] trained for night operations. CVLG(N)-41 is composed of Night Fighting Squadron Forty One [VF(N)-41] with 9 F6F-5N Hellcats and Night Torpedo Squadron Forty One (VTN-41) with 13 TBM-1D Avengers. The Independence is the first fully equipped night carrier operating with a fast carrier task force.



3 F6F-3

16 F6F-5, -5N


8 TBM-1D





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