Beute-panzer Pt.I


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Panzer Tracts No. 19-2 – Beute-Panzerkampfwagen – British, American, Russian, and Italian Tanks captured from 1940 to 1945

Thanks to the efforts of Werner Regenberg in concentrating his 30 year research career on Beute-Panzer used by the German army in WWII, this book is loaded with new information on the history, organizational structure, unit strength, tactics, and types of Beute-Panzer issued to each unit. Having contacted veterans from practically every Beute-Panzer unit, Werner Regenberg has compiled a massive archive of original documents and photographs directly linked to each unit. Photos with unique unit markings have been included for representative units with captions that correctly identify the Beute-Panzer units. In accordance with our high standards, the text and data are based solely on primary sources. The real value of the Beute-Panzer can be learned by reading the translated wartime reports written by unit commanders close to the time when the actions occurred. 70 clean/rare photos illustrate this 60 page book.

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