The Strangest Race

Cavalry History 4 Min Read

JEB Stuart, White House, VA, June 29, 1862 The summer of 1862 witnessed one of the most unusual skirmishes of the entire American Civil War. Confederate cavalry commander Jeb Stuart received information that there were 5,000 Union soldiers guarding a nearby depot and decided to attack. As the sun rose the following day, Stuart’s troopers arrived at the location, only…


Cavalry Ottoman


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Cavalry German Units 27 Min Read

German Cavalry on the Eastern Front: WWI

Throughout the war on the Eastern Front, the German cavalry played a more active and traditional role than in France. With localized exceptions, World War I from the Baltic coast to Rumania remained a war of movement. It could not be otherwise. Between Riga and the mouth of the Danube…

Cavalry 4 Min Read

Nizza Cavalryman 1848

One of the decisions of the Congress of Vienna (1815) was the creation of the kingdom of Sardinia (Piedmont), which also encompassed the former republic of Genoa. The House of Savoy soon lost independence and became Austrian vassals, and the desire for freedom put Piedmont at the forefront of the…

Cavalry 11 Min Read

Gettysburg – East Cavalry Field – July 3, 1863 Part I

The week leading up to Gettysburg was an arduous one for Maj. Gen. James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart and his cavalry division. Stuart’s task was gathering intelligence while screening the right flank of Richard Ewell’s Second Corps as it moved north. Leaving two brigades behind under Brig. Gens. Beverley Robertson…

Cavalry 10 Min Read

Gettysburg – East Cavalry Field – July 3, 1863 Part II

Captain Alanson Randol’s four-gun Federal battery arrived and dropped trail just south of the Lott house, opening blistering fire on the Confederates on Cress Ridge. Pennington’s battery joined in to good effect. “Never was there more accurate and effective fire delivered by the artillery than by the guns of Randol…

Cavalry Germany 36 Min Read


The 7th Cuirassiers’ charge by Franz Amling, 1890. Late 19th century Prussian Dragoons and Uhlans Late 19th century Prussian Hussars and Light Cavalry Prior to the dawn of mechanized warfare in the early twentieth century, and indeed for several decades thereafter, no element of the Western world’s armies so evoked…

Cavalry Germany 33 Min Read


Heinrich XVII, Prince Reuß, on the side of the 5th Squadron I Guards Dragoon Regiment at Mars-la-Tour, 16 August 1870. Emil Hünten, 1902. Late 19th century Prussian Cuirassiers The German cavalry of 1870 also continued a tactical employment of horsemen and horse-artillery dating back to Napoleon I. The French emperor…

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On the eve of the Russo–Japanese War, Russian land forces were the biggest in the…

Cataphract camels

The Parthians and early Sassanian Persians made use of camel units; even experimented with cataphract…


  The Mamluks under Baibars (yellow) fought off the Franks and the Mongols during the…

French Cavalry 1914

The French strategic cavalry was composed of ten cavalry divisions. This strategic cavalry would be…