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Eclipse of the Luftwaffe II

Air Warfare Germany 22 Min Read

Ambush! by Heinz Krebs The German Me 262 jet fighters, used primarily to attack USAAF heavy bomber formations in early 1945, were very vulnerable to fighter attacks during take-off and landing. The Allies had therefore adapted a strategy of having fighters patrol in the vicinity of Me262 bases, waiting for the return of the German jets from their missions. These


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Air Warfare 16 Min Read

Private Military Contractors

Evacuation of CIA station personnel by Air America on the rooftop of 22 Gia Long Street in Saigon on April 29, 1975. For many Americans, the 1975 photograph of a helicopter rescuing people from an apartment rooftop in Saigon symbolizes the failure of the Vietnam War. What most do not

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MiG-3s were delivered to front-line fighter regiments beginning in the spring of 1941 and proved to be a handful for pilots accustomed to the lower-performance and docile Polikarpov I-152 and I-153 biplanes and the Polikarpov I-16 monoplane. Even after the extensive modifications made to the MiG-3 in comparison to the

Air Warfare 7 Min Read

Air Battle of Kursk, (1943)

Fw 190 A-4: Introduced in July 1942, the A-4 was equipped with the same engine and basic armament as the A-3. Updated radio gear, the FuG 16Z, was installed replacing the earlier FuG VIIa. A new, short “stub” vertical aerial mount was fitted to the top of the tailfin, a

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Finland’s Air Force

In the 1930s, two controversies hindered Finnish aircraft acquisition. The first was the issue of whether fighters or bombers should have priority (the need for fighters seeming paramount). The second was the country from which to purchase aircraft. The head of the Defense Council, Carl Mannerheim, favored Germany, and the

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First Days off Barbarossa – Airwar

VVS deployment on 22 June 1941. First word of the attack arrived in Moscow in the form of a desperate signal from the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, who reported a devastating Luftwaffe raid was taking place against the naval base at Sevastopol. The report was disbelieved by Stalin

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Victory through Airpower WWI

The Germans first attempted to break British morale by launching a series of Airship raids on Great Britain – (only Airships had the range and bomb capacity to attack Britain in 1915; heavier than air aircraft had not been developed enough to be used). By 1917 it was apparent that

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Flak towers: then and now

The construction of Flaktürme (Flak towers) in major cities began in response to the first


Russian MiG-15 Aces in Korea, from left to right: Aleksandr P. Smorchkov (8 kills), Nikolai

April 7 1945—Sonderkommando Elbe

Sonderkommando Elbe (Special Command Elbe), one of the most bizarre units in the Luftwaffe, flew

Graf Zeppelin II

Last photograph of Graf Zeppelin towed from Swinocijscie Poland to Leningrad. April 17. 1947. In