Zea Harbour Project

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Zea Harbour Project

The Zea Harbour Project combines land and marine archaeology to obtain a full picture of the ancient Zea Harbour in the Piraeus, Greece. The ancient naval installation at Zea is among the largest Classical building complexes, and it accommodated the ship of the line in the Classical period – the trireme. The objective of this website is to introduce you to the work of the Zea Harbour Project and its most important results. The Zea Harbour Project is a collaboration between the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, The 26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and the Danish Institute at Athens.


Forschungsmitarbeiter Mitch Williamson is a technical writer with an interest in military and naval affairs. He has published articles in Cross & Cockade International and Wartime magazines. He was research associate for the Bio-history Cross in the Sky, a book about Charles ‘Moth’ Eaton’s career, in collaboration with the flier’s son, Dr Charles S. Eaton. He also assisted in picture research for John Burton’s Fortnight of Infamy. Mitch is now publishing on the WWW various specialist websites combined with custom website design work. He enjoys working and supporting his local C3 Church. “Curate and Compile“
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