Prince Frederick, Duke of York — 1763-1827 Part II

Biography British 37 Min Read

Anderson, William; Frederick Augustus (1763-1827), Duke of York, Reviewing Troops in Flanders; National Army Museum; Frederick Augustus (1763–1827), Duke of York, Reviewing Troops in Flanders The Napoleonic Wars (and it is fair to call them such from this time, when Bonaparte had become the most powerful figure in the new republic) triggered many forms of social change in Europe,


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Aircraft British 4 Min Read

Post-war Spitfire XIV

The final Spitfire variant, the Mk 24, was similar to the Mk 22 except that it had an increased fuel capacity over its predecessors, with two fuel tanks of 33 gal (150 l) each installed in the rear fuselage. There were also zero-point fittings for rocket projectiles under the wings.

Battle British Naval History 28 Min Read

Raid on Medway I

Upnor Castle, which lies opposite the dockyard at Chatham, played an important part in the defence of the yard at the time of the Dutch raid. Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest, painted c. 1667. The captured ship the Royal Charles is right of centre.

Battle British Naval History 29 Min Read

Raid on Medway II

De Zeven Provinciën was a Dutch ship of the line, originally armed with 80 guns. The name of the ship was also written as De 7 Provinciën. The literal translation is “The Seven Provinces”, the name referring to the fact that the Dutch Republic in the 17th century was a

ANZAC Battle British Germany 13 Min Read

Flers-Courcelette 15 Sept 1916

On 1 July 1916 the British began a massive offensive against German positions along the Somme. Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig unleashed this offensive prematurely, in large part to respond to a desperate appeal by the French for a diversion to draw off German forces from Verdun. The Battle of

British History 14 Min Read

Invasion of Java (1811) Part I

The invasion of Java in 1811 was a successful British amphibious operation against the Dutch East Indian island of Java that took place between August and September 1811 during the Napoleonic Wars. Originally established as a colony of the Dutch Republic, Java remained in Dutch hands throughout the French Revolutionary

British History 12 Min Read

Invasion of Java (1811) Part II

An almighty explosion As the sun slipped up over the lush green Javanese countryside, the battle for Meester Cornelis got under way. Gillespie and his men forced their way across the Slokan and overwhelmed Redoubt Number Four in a welter of close combat. Eventually the missing columns appeared from the

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British coastal assault on St Cast in Brittany in September 1758. A German map, published

Elizabeth towards War I

European matchlock musketeers of the Elizabethan period. By the early 1570s the Puritans had grown

The Hanoverian Army at Waterloo

The Hanoverian contingent in Wellington’s army was integrated fully into the British divisional structure; it

Dargai, 20 October 1897 Part I

The Gordon Highlanders storming Dargai Heights during the Tirah campaign in 1897. It was here