Admiral Sir Max Horton, RN (1883–1951)

Biography British Naval 10 Min Read

ADMIRAL SIR MAX KENNEDY HORTON, KCB, DSO, (C IN C, WESTERN APPROACHES). (A 20790) Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: During the First World War, Horton had been one of Britain’s ablest submarine commanders. There could therefore have been no one better to lead the fight against the German U-boat menace as Commander-in-Chief Western Approaches from 1942. His overriding responsibility


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A decade after his lucrative dealings in India came to an end, Dupleix died a broken man, his wealth spent and honor impugned. (1697–1763), influential governor-general (1742–1754) of the French East India Company. During his three decades in India, the Marquis Joseph François Dupleix expanded the commercial, political, and military

Ancient Warfare Biography 21 Min Read

Demosthenes of Athens I

The Master of Surprise Demosthenes and His Military Challenges In 432–431 BCE, the Spartans called an assembly of their allies to discuss going to war with Athens. According to historian Thucydides, the delegation from Corinth forcefully argued that Sparta should take immediate action. Among their means of persuasion was contrasting

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Demosthenes of Athens II

Astonishing Success in Pylos Demosthenes’ greatest victory was at Pylos, on the Messenian coast of southwestern Greece. There, in the face of adversity, he displayed personal courage, excellent planning skills based on good military intelligence, and a perseverance that was not one of his enduring virtues, as we shall see.

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Demosthenes of Athens III

Sneak Attack on Megara Demosthenes’ next scene of operation involved the city of Megara, which occupied one of the most strategic locations on the Greek mainland, a narrow isthmus separating the Peloponnese from Attica and Boeotia. Megara also had two important military and commercial harbors, Pegae on the Corinthian Gulf

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Demosthenes of Athens IV

The route the Athenian fleet took to Sicily Map of the siege showing walls and counter-walls Disaster in Sicily The last and most fateful chapter in Demosthenes’ career took place on the island of Sicily, and he himself was largely to blame for it. In 415, the Athenians sent a

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William Tryon

(June 8, 1729–January 27, 1788) English Colonial Governor Tryon was the aggressive and capable governor of North Carolina and New York during the turbulent years leading up to the American Revolution. He accomplished many useful reforms and restored frontier order, but his preference for military action made him a hated

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