French Artillery

Artillery France 18 Min Read

The superiority of the French artillery was not due to its equipment, but to its tactical handling and to the efficiency and esprit de corps of its officers and men. That superiority was very marked, for instance, in the Jena-Auerstädt campaign of 1806. The Prussian army had a greater ratio of artillery to infantry than the French; but in the…

90-mm T9



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Artillery Fortification Germany 29 Min Read

The Final Siege: Antwerp 1914 Part II

The bombardment of the Belgian army headquarters at Mechelen had started on 18 October, as a result of which King Albert moved the headquarters to Antwerp. Once Mechelen was taken, the Germans moved their heavy guns forwards and began shelling the forts. The first German attack was directed against Sector…

Artillery 24 Min Read

Artillery: Toward a New Century

Saudi Arabia — February 1991 On 2 August 1990, the forces of Iraq invaded Kuwait. From the first days of the world’s response to the Iraq’s invasion, Army National Guard soldiers reacted, initially as volunteers, and later as members of mobilized units. During this period, the Guard went through its…

Artillery 12 Min Read

Artillery of the Boer War

Royal Field Artillery 15 pounder gun team in Home Service uniform: Battle of Modder River on 28th November 1899 in the Boer War. The 75mm Cruesot had an innovative new recoil system which tended to be problematic at times, and gunners complained that the ammunition did not always perform as…

Artillery Germany 6 Min Read

2-cm Flak 30/38

2-cm Flak 30 By the time the new German army was ready to re-arm during the early 1930s, the German armament manufacturers had built up a considerable degree of expertise in heavy automatic weapons. This was especially true of the giant Rheinmetall-Borsig concern, and accordingly it was given a contract…

Artillery Weapons 7 Min Read

Nebelwerfer rocket launcher.

A diagram of the new Nebelwerfer 150mm ammunition These rockets were fired from a six-tube launcher mounted on a towed carriage adapted from the 3.7 cm PaK 36 carriage. This system had a maximum range of 6,900 metres (7,500 yd). I am uncertain whether these weapons were used in the…

Artillery Germany 28 Min Read

The 5cm Granatwerfer 36

Diagram of German M19 5cm automatic mortar as sited in the Channel Islands and at points on the Atlantic Wall. From the very start of the war, the German Army placed a great deal of store in mortars of various calibres and deployed them to every theatre of war, from…

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Artillery of the Middle Ages

The earliest written evidence for the cannon is found in the ordinances of Florence for…


On the eve of the Russo–Japanese War, Russian land forces were the biggest in the…

American Civil War Rail-Weapons

From the very beginning of the war, the employment of railway batteries in the form…

5 cm FlaK 41 & 5.5 cm Gerät 58

The 5-cm (1.97-in) Flak 41 was one of the least successful ofall the German anti-aircraft…