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Germany WWII Aerial Torpedoes

Air Warfare Aircraft Naval 13 Min Read

German aerial torpedo LT.F5w (Italian torpedo type W) German air doctrine had considered the attack of enemy shipping by the Luftwaffe. Part of the Luftwaffe’s prewar plans was the employment of torpedoes launched from aircraft. German torpedo development had started as early as 1926; however, the development itself was in the hands of the navy, and progress was considerably slow


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Air Warfare Aircraft 27 Min Read

Operation El Dorado Canyon 1986 Part I

Departing for Tripoli Colonel Westbrook launched and recovered planes at RAF Lakenheath for Exercise Salty Nation until 1500 U.K. time on Monday, 14 April. After that time all planes taking off from the British base would be bound for Tripoli. The F-111F mission crews started gathering at 48 TFW in

Air Warfare Aircraft 33 Min Read

Operation El Dorado Canyon 1986 Part II

Hitting Qaddafi On the evening of 14 April the attention of the Qaddafi regime was still focused on the carriers of Task Force 60, not the F-111Fs approaching from the west, but that was about to change. As the F-111Fs and their support aircraft traveled the long way in getting

Air Warfare Aircraft 40 Min Read

Operation El Dorado Canyon 1986 Part III

“Today, We Have Done What We Had to Do” At approximately 1913 Washington time, Weinberger and Crowe received their first post-strike report. CINCEUR tersely stated, “Raid commander reports all aircraft feet wet.” Everyone in the command center was overjoyed. It appeared that the raid had been carried out without any

Air Warfare Aircraft Russia 20 Min Read

Imperial Russian Air Force in 1916 Part I

Before exploring aviation’s contribution to the Russian battlefield in 1916, it is important to consider some of the differences between the Eastern and Western fronts. The Western Front was much shorter, only about 400 miles, yet its combat zone contained a significant concentration of British, French, and German soldiers, accompanied

Air Warfare Aircraft Russia 30 Min Read

Imperial Russian Air Force in 1916 Part II

The German seaplane base on Lake Angern posed a threat not only to the aviation presence on Runo Island but also to the passage of Russian naval vessels in the gulf. The Russians responded quickly. Using the radio unit on Runo, the navy ordered the Second Bombing-Reconnaissance Squadron to send

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The Air War: Burma 1943-5

Art by Romain Hugault During the 1941–2 campaign in Burma the Japanese Army and Navy Air Forces had swept from the skies the Royal Air Force’s older fighters and bombers, which simply could not compete with the newer types of Japanese aircraft. The main Japanese fighter, the Ki-43, could even

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Flak towers: then and now

The construction of Flaktürme (Flak towers) in major cities began in response to the first


Russian MiG-15 Aces in Korea, from left to right: Aleksandr P. Smorchkov (8 kills), Nikolai

April 7 1945—Sonderkommando Elbe

Sonderkommando Elbe (Special Command Elbe), one of the most bizarre units in the Luftwaffe, flew

Graf Zeppelin II

Last photograph of Graf Zeppelin towed from Swinocijscie Poland to Leningrad. April 17. 1947. In