Object 704 self-propelled gun

The Object 704 self-propelled gun was a prototype tank utilising elements both the IS-2 and IS-3 tanks. It was designed to carry the 152.4 mm ML-20SM model 1944 gun-howitzer, with a barrel length of over 4.5 metres (29.6 calibers) and no muzzle brake. It had a maximum range of 13,000 metres. The self-propelled gun carried 20 rounds of two piece (shell and charge) armour-piercing and high explosive ammunition. The armour-piercing round, weighing 48.78 kg, had a muzzle velocity of 655 m/s. The rate of fire was 1-2 round/min. The secondary armament of the fighting vehicle consisted of two 12.7 x 108 mm DShK machine guns, one anti-aircraft and one co-axial. The vehicle was well armoured, up to 320mm in places, which would have made it one of the most impregnable vehicles of its type, the project was cancelled.

The tests of ISU-152 began in the spring of 1945 and did not bring the desired results. Because of the large angles of the installation of armor plates, the combat compartment was cramped. The lack of a muzzle brake led to the recoil being increased by 900 mm, because of this the driver had to be moved to the left upper part of the combat compartment. In addition, the self-propelled gun with the ML-20SM gun could not carry troops on board. All these shortcomings, as well as a number of other design flaws, led to the Object 704 model of 1945 being not accepted for service.

Only one was completed and this prototype is now preserved in Kubinka Tank Museum.

Name: Object 704

Type: Self Propelled Artillery [Artillery periscope Goerz / Hertz]

Origin: Soviet Union

Year: 1945

Length: 9.05 Meters

Width: 3.07 Meters

Height: 2.24 Meters

Weight: 47300 Kilograms

Engine: 12-cylinder 4-stroke B-2IS engine of 520 hp [electric starter ST-700] [The self-propelled gun was also equipped with two external additional fuel tanks (each of 90 liters), not connected with the engine fuel system.]

Transmission: 5-speed gearbox

Range: 220km road, 120km cross-country

Speed: 37 km/h (12 km/h off road)

Crew: 5

Communication: 10RK-26 radio and TPU-4Bis-F intercom system

Primary Armament:

-152 mm ML-20SM [telescopic sight TS-17K]

Secondary Armament:

-12.7 mm DSK

Gun Flexibility:

18° Elevation

1° Depression

11° Left

11° Right



100 mm Front

90 mm Side

60 mm Rear

30 mm Top

20 mm Bottom

-Upper Structure

120 mm Front (160 mm Gun Shield)

90 mm Side

60 mm Rear

30 mm Top

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