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For almost 25 years, studying and reflecting on the art of mikronafpigikis, station ships in the history of navigation and shipbuilding development, with full respect and documenting the culture of each period.

In June 2005, the ships of opening for the first time the sails of a trip dream, a “Journey to the Waves of History”, in the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens report, in the coming years studies to cross the seas of the world, commemorating the naval Greece in our country, Australia, Europe and America.

The collection included immediately in the cultural life of our country and the reports that follow, 16 in number, are all under the patronage, support and institutions financing such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Mercantile Marine, the Greek Foundation for Culture, Network Culture capitals of Europe, Foundation of Piraeus Bank, Melina Mercouri Foundation, Kaireios Library Foundation, the institution of Ermoupolia the Greek Melbourne Museum, the War Museum, the Navy General Staff and t As the Army Historical Service, Navy etc .. The collection grants to cultural institutions that are not disinterested speculative, as sole purpose and objective is, through this, the transmission to the general public and mainly students of all levels of education.