Acta Viennensia Ottomanica

Acta Viennensia Ottomanica

Edited by Markus Kohbach, Gisela Prochaska-Eisl, and Claudia Romer

Vienna: Im Selbrstverlag des Instituts fur Orientalistik, 1999

A collection of over forty articles on the history of the Ottoman Empire, ranging from the medieval period to the 20th century. Most of the articles are in English, but also include French, German and other languages. We thank the authors for their permission to republish the following articles.

Turkish Raids in Friuli at the End of the Fifteenth Century, by Maria Pia Pedani (PDF file)

The Byzantine-Turkish Frontier, c.1250-1300, by Keith Hopwood (PDF file)

Other medieval articles in this book include:

Beans for a cough, lion’s gall for a laugh: The poet and physician Ahmedi’s materia medica as a mirror of the state of the art around 1400 in Anatolia, by Edith G. Amrbos

Istanbul in Divan Poetry, 1453-1600, by Hatice Aynur

Sultan Bayezid II as the only legitimate pretender to the Ottoman throne, by Istvan Nyitrai

via Acta Viennensia Ottomanica.

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