FEATURED WEBSITE: Ukrainian formations in German and Axis armies.

This site is on the Ukrainian formations in German and Axis armies. 14th SS Galicia Division is in bold, this link leads to a whole site, as this formation was the largest and best organized. With regards to Ukrainian National Army – it was formed at the very end of the war and composed of following units:

1. 14th division SS Galicia, which became the 1st division UNA.

2. Anti-panzer Brigade “Vilna Ukraina” and “Pitulei” Brigade, which became the 2nd division UNA.

3. Parachute (Falschirmjaeger) Brigade “Gruppe-B”, commanded by general Bulba-Borovets.

As for the other formations, most of them eventually joined the ranks of Galicia division, or functioned within the ranks of Ukrainian Liberation Army (UVV), which to the very end of the war continued to function as an independent body. READ MORE